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Wendy Alter

Wendy is a graduate of the 3-year Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles teacher training program. She experienced her first Iyengar yoga class the day she moved from Texas to Los Angeles in 1998. That class would forever shape and change her life. She has been teaching yoga since 2007. Her greatest gift in life is being able to share the teachings of yoga to her students.



Carrie Bravick





Carrie began her Yoga journey at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1998 where she completed a BA in Religion and Visual Culture. She has since earned her Advanced Teaching Certification through Cloud Nine Yoga. She is always learning and loves to share with her students. Carrie is a firm believer that yoga is not something we do, but something we live. “Your yoga mat is a place of discovery, it is where we relearn how to breath, move, and be playful. Our practice is where we learn to focus on what is important and leave everything else behind.”





Valinda Cochella MA, E-RYT (Viriam Kaur) Founder of South Bay Yoginis (2001)

Valinda has been studying yoga for 18 years now and is certified in Hatha & Kundalini Yoga at the advanced levels. She began her healing path when she moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1989 from Mississippi and hasn't stopped since! She received her Master's Degree in Dance-Movement Therapy from UCLA in 1992 and worked as a Therapist for many years. She is currently in her 3rd year of in-depth advanced Kundalini Yoga Studies the "Transformation" series at Yoga West LA. Not only has she studied with the top teacher's in the world, Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Gurucharan, Pattabhi Jois to name a few....she was blessed to have an amazing trip to India in 2009 and meet the father of modern yoga BKS Iyengar.

In India Valinda stayed in Satya Sai Baba's ashram for 2 days and has experienced darshan (divine blessings) from him, Ammachi, Swami Kriyananda and TKV Desikachar. In this blessed life she is here to learn and then teach, her classes are a unique combination of therapy and yoga, you will be transformed! "Still Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Speak Your Truth & Live Your Dreams" ~ South Bay Yoginis~ For more information go to her website: http://SouthBayYoginis.com


Josie Kramer

A strong desire to completely reinvent myself from the inside-out, is what inspired me to try Yoga. I fell in love with its set of balanced practices within an integrated philosophy of living, which systematically led me to better health and my own spirituality. There was an indescribable moment after six months of consistent practice, when I realized I had discovered a magical instrument for recognizing my wholeness, healing psychosomatic imbalances and experiencing divine consciousness. I felt utterly transformed! Profound gratitude for the grace of Yoga and a heart felt desire to share its holistic wisdom, is what motivated me to teach. I received my first certification from Center for Yoga in 2004 and earned my BA from Naropa Univeristy in 2007. My major was a 1,000 hour Yoga Teacher Training, my minor was Somatic Psychology. In 2008, I graduated from The Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing with a 550 hour Massage Certification. That same year I lived at a wellness center in Auroville, India where I taught Yoga and dance. As a Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist, it’s my passion and joy to support and enhance the empowerment of others through the provision of embodied education in mind-body-spirit union. My personal practice is a system for the harmonious development of my entire being and for the task of conscious evolution: that I may be healed, that I may be a source of healing for others, and that united together we may bridge the modern gap between science and spirituality, woman and man and between different races, religions and ethnic groups. We are living in a time of great change. We are being called upon to rise up and create that which we most hope for ourselves, for our children and the world. We simply have no choice but to transform.

Lisa Larson



Lisa Larson, Cloud Nine certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Trainer, highlights the healing properties of yoga with a teaching style that cultivates mindfulness & enhanced breath awareness. In addition to completing training with Judith Hanson Lasater & Roger Cole, she also studied Planet Yoga Supported Yoga Therapy & completed YogaWorks Restorative Training with Jillian Pransky. Lisa regularly attends workshops & conferences, focusing on the therapeutic applications of yoga for mind, body & emotional balance.


Flissa Mannella

Has been practicing yoga most of her life. A certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher graduated from Crestone Healing Arts Center in Colorado under the Great Wisdom of Dan and Sue Retuta and Dyal Singh Khalsa. Graduated from Cloud Nine Yoga School with a certification in Hatha Yoga under the Inspirational Knowledge and Full Spectrum Experience of Valinda Cochella and Marla Wedge in Redondo Beach, California. Flissa obtained her certification in both Body and Dance Conditioning and Advances in Pilates Technique at the Long Beach Dance Conditioning Studio and Movement Academy. Majoring in Phyiscal Educaton and coming from a Nursing background, health and healing are an essential foundation promoting a quality of life towards the better welfare of each individual.

Maureen O'Connor

From a strong Fitness industry background, Maureen came to Yoga over 12 years ago, and has found it to be a wonderful and surprising journey and is happy to share this amazing gift with students of all ages and experience levels when they are ready to recognize and receive it. Her intent in every session is to create the space for students to awaken an awareness of the physical, emotional and energetic centers of the body. Maureen's classes are known for their diversity, intensity, detailed instruction, playfulness and grace, along with music carefully selected to add to the energy of the class. Students are encouraged to approach each session with a sense of curiosity and openness to the opportunity to learn about and connect with their true selves, becoming healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the process. The class begins with conscious direction of awareness; then heat-building movement advances to classic standing and balance poses aligned to the breath, progressing to floor poses, inversions, final rest and positive affirmations. Students reflect that they leave studio being refreshed, relaxed and renewed

Christopher Quain

Open and engaging Christopher embraces the world and makes all feel welcome. Well trained by world-class teachers in aspects of alignment, physiology and bio-mechanics his instruction is also steeped in philosophy and theory. Thus employing both science and empathy he is able to deliver much more than just a work-out. What he does falls nothing short of re-introducing you to the best version of your essential self.


Michael Ruccolo
Michael has been teaching Yoga since 2000. As a Certified Iyengar Teacher, Michael instructs the general population, professional athletes, children with special needs, and adults suffering from physical and emotional issues. The owner of LYFE Yoga Center and currently pursuing a Master Degree in Comparative Theology at LMU, Michael uses humor to integrate his Iyengar Yoga Training and Theology Education into an effective informative class. Through a regular practice, every student will learn how to take control of their body, increase strength, reduce stress and develop a greater sense of awareness that will begin to appear in everyday life.


LYFE Yoga Center is located in the heart of Hermosa Beach. Our center boasts a 1100 sq/ft eco-friendly yoga studio with a beautiful ocean view. With 40 yoga classes per week, we serve everyone in the South Bay area, including Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Torrance.



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